Den.Love Memory 'Fizz'

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Note: The picture may contain 3-4 plants combined into one larger pot.
Den.Love Memory 'Fizz'

Den.Den.Love Memory 'Fizz'

Time of flowering/shipping: Dec. ~ April.
Cane size at blooming: 25~65cm (10- 28 inches)

As if drawn with a brush, the very tip of petals and sepals has rather clear slim line of reddish purple and darker eye on lip contrasting with otherwise milky white flowers. One of the newest hybrid with medium size inflorescence can bear flowers in abundance. Fast growing plants produces multiple shoots and clustered flowers from short inter nodes, together becomes a quite festive bouquet. Cane grows strong and straight and this robust characteristic makes cultivation of this diversity easy. This is suitable for small or much larger pots. It can be prepared for a year-end shipping by controlled growth and early maturity of canes. Since growth rate is high in addition to all these robust characteristics cultivation is easy even for the inexperienced. We trust this variety could yield high profit from market.