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World Best Quality

We supply the world best quality dendrobiums

The improved and innovated seedlings are nurtured in Japan and then shipped out to Thailand for bioproduction. Next, they are sent to the Hawaii branch and to our representative in Holland, where they are distributed to Mainland America, Europe, and numerous other locations in the world.


Yamamoto Type Dendrobiums

New colors and shapes of Dendrobiums are always researched and developed. We supply the world’s best quality of Dendrobiums to you.

The left photograph is of Merlin 80 years ago. The right photograph is Den. Upin King 'serenade'. It is the Yamamoto type.


YAMAMOTO DENDROBIUMS completely evolved the Nobile type of Dendrobiums to another type of orchids during this past half century. It is called Yamamoto Type or Yamamoto Dendrobiums. The color became richer and more flowers budded, continuing the improvement of a species in our quest to find a Dendrobium that blooms for a long time with bigger and beautiful flowers.


Research & Development

We make Dendrobiums into a color that nobody has seen until now.

We develop Dendrobiums with abundant flowers.

Our Dendrobium is suitable for the high-class gift.

It can bloom and ship in a short period.


We provide you with all types of Dendrobiums. It is a flower of new colors, a flower which blooms for a long time, a flower which is easy to buds initiate, and a flower,which blooms early. We promise to develop Dendrobiums for growers and to continually strive for improved quality.

High productivity & Low cost

It blooms in a short period.

Seedlings of a small size may be sufficient for flowers to bloom.

Many seedlings can be accommodated.

Large pots are completed matured (finished product), wait for the for buds initiation.


We are able to provide excellent quality plants to our growers due to its high productivity rate combined with reasonable prices. Our Dendrobiums are easier to grow than other orchids


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