Wholesale Plants

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Note: The picture may contain 3-4 plants combined into one larger pot

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Den.Comet King 'Akatsuki'   Den.Yellow Magic 'Festival'   Den.Sweet Pinky 'Love'   Den.Himezakura 'Sanokku' (Patented)
Den.Upin King 'Serenade'   Den.Sea Mary 'Snow King' (Patented)   Den.Red Emperor 'Prince'   Den.Wave King 'Akebono'
Den.Spring Dream 'Apollon' (Patented)   Den.Yellow Song 'Canary'   Den.Spring Dream 'Kumiko'   Den.Oriental Smile 'Fantasy' AD/AOS
Den.New Century'Happiness'   Den.Fancy Angel 'Lycee'   Den.Love Memory 'Fizz'    
Den.New Century 'Happiness'   Den.Fancy Angel 'Lycee'   Den.Love Memory 'Fizz'